Capita Healthcare Decisions launches patient management solution

Published: 31-Oct-2014

Salus enables healthcare providers to manage patient data and care pathways

Capita Healthcare Decisions has launched a new, integrated triage and patient management system.

Built in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salus allows healthcare providers to manage patient data and care pathways, enabling physicians, nurses and administrators to work as a single integrated team to co-ordinate the delivery of patient care. Integrated clinical decision algorithms enable clinical and non-clinical staff working in the community and contact centre settings to accurately assess patients’ symptoms and determine the course of action necessary.

Pippa Rhys, product and market director for Capita, said: “Salus is a perfect solution for healthcare organisations which have either already invested in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or are looking for an effective patient management solution. When integrated with our accredited clinical content the solution truly comes into its own - facilitating best clinical practice, record keeping and auditing, as well as assisting in decision making, leading to the most-appropriate and safe outcomes for patients”

Susan Maddock, product manager for Salus, added: “Salus enables easier accessibility to healthcare for patients. It provides healthcare professionals with the means to provide advice and treatment, facilitating safer, effective, timely and more-efficient decision-making, which improves patient outcomes. Salus also facilitates outbound health campaigns that can be targeted to support specific patient groups such as older people, patients with long-term conditions, as well as supporting health improvement campaigns such as nicotine replacement therapy for example.”

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