Cook Medical launches Staged Extubation Set

Published: 19-Mar-2013

Product specifically indicated for tracheal extubation and reintubation

Cook Medical is launching its new Staged Extubation Set, the first product specifically indicated for tracheal extubation and reintubation.

The set includes a Staged Extubation Wire, which is used to maintain continuous airway access; and a Staged Reintubation Catheter, used to facilitate a successful reintubation if required. This product will fill a gap in the market and help intensive care and emergency medicine personnel to deal with difficult airways during a planned extubation.

“Managing patient airways in an emergency situation can be very difficult and problems may occur following a tracheal extubation if the patient isn’t able to breathe independently,” said Dr Peter Young, clinical director of critical care at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn. “Good preparation is key to a successful extubation strategy, characterised by the expectation that reintubation could be managed without difficulty.”

Airway failure during extubation is a significant risk for all patients and even more so among certain high-risk patient groups such as those with obesity, obstructive sleep apnoea and the elderly. These patient cohorts with difficult airways require a clear extubation strategy to allow for potential complications during the procedure.

Staged extubation brings several benefits including avoidance of complications associated with failed or difficult reintubation and the ability to trial the extubation process earlier while maintaining secure airway access. A study with an airway catheter also showed a five-fold higher success rate of first-attempt reintubation.

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