Hand hygiene for medical professionals

Published: 27-May-2010

Alcohol-based hand rub is safer to use

JohnsonDiversey’s Softcare Med H5 is an alcohol-based hand rub for healthcare professionals with a combination of Propan-1-ol, Propan-2-ol, glycerine and a cellulose thickener to achieve optimum antimicrobial activity and safety in use.

Used for infection control, the product is effective against norovirus, Influenza A (H1N1), rotavirus, hepatitis B, HIV, MRSA and other common infections.

Most alcohol hand rubs used in UK healthcare have ethanol or propanol as their main active ingredient. But there are some significant advantages in choosing Softcare Med H5 with its mixture of propanols.

Ethanol-based products have a flashpoint of 19°C or less and are classified as highly flammable whereas the larger molecular size of propanol means that Softcare Med H5 has a flashpoint of 24°C and, therefore, it is only classified as flammable.

Propanol reduces the risk of patients and visitors ingesting the alcohol-based product because it is unpalatable. The thickeners used in Softcare Med H5 ensure the gel does not instantly liquefy and run off the hands.

Formats include cartridges for wall-mounted dispensers or pelican pumps and small carry bottles for personal use.

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