Hicom invests in Cinapsis to expand service capabilities

Published: 24-Nov-2016

New start-up aims to reduce the number of GP hospital referrals and healthcare costs

Software and consultancy provider Hicom is investing in Cinapsis, a new start-up dedicated to delivering innovative products and solutions that enable the most effective communication between GPs, specialists and their patients.

There is significant evidence that when GPs are able to talk directly with a specialist about the patient they are dealing with, the delay and inconvenience of a hospital referral can often be avoided. Cinapsis, which is a private clinical provider to the NHS, connects GPs directly to local specialist consultants through its NHS N3 secured communication platform.

The result is that patients experience better healthcare, GPs are able to achieve timely resolution of the problem, and specialists are able to share their expertise effectively and help ensure that only those patients who really need to be seen are offered valuable outpatient time. For NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups, this leads to better outcomes for patients, fewer unnecessary referrals and potentially reduced costs. For NHS trusts, it frees up much-needed time in overcrowded outpatient clinics.

Hicom believes it is strongly placed to add value and support to new and smaller providers such as Cinapsis, by helping to form, develop and deliver their business strategy. As part of its commitment to Cinapsis, Hicom will initially be assisting with its sales and marketing, infrastructure and administrative services.

Cinapsis has been selected to join this year’s first cohort of the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator programme, which aims to provide in-depth knowledge of the NHS to a cohort of 31 high potential digital health SMEs. The programme will benefit patients and NHS organisations in London by providing faster access to technology, and working collaboratively to get to the root of healthcare problems.

Hicom will bring its expertise and skills to enhance and amplify the benefits that Cinapsis will receive from the DigitalHealth.London programme and further improve the lives of patients and the efficiency of the NHS and wider healthcare sector.

'Healthcare is becoming more complex and patient needs and expectations are rising,' said Dr Owain Rhys Hughes, CEO, Cinapsis. 'Accessing specialist advice is consequently a key component of patient care in general practice. Like us, Hicom is focused on helping the NHS provide integrated healthcare and we look forward to capitalising on their in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry and their business acumen, and working closely with them as we develop our solutions.'

John Sanderson, Director, Hicom added: 'This is an exciting opportunity for us to use the skills and experience we have developed to help Cinapsis deliver services that not only help to improve patient care but also reduce costs for the NHS.

'In addition, the investment will strengthen our service offering, opening up new markets and opportunities for our existing products such as our adult diabetes management solutions Diamond.NET.'

Cinapsis.org is based in London and the south west with a presence throughout the UK.

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