Leicester trust brings cutting-edge solution to hospital estate

Published: 1-Nov-2018

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust contracts second mobile decontamination unit

The University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust is installing a ground-breaking new mobile decontamination unit to generate time and cost efficiencies across its endoscopy departments.

Collaborating medical unit provider, EMS Healthcare, the Quest+ Decontamination unit will be stationed at Leicester General Hospital for 12 months, alleviating pressure on the trust while it centralises its decontamination departments.

The introduction of the single trailer solution will enable the trust to continue endoscope reprocessing services with minimal disruption to its departments or patients, removing the need to use external decontamination services.

Features of the unit include four RapidAER Endoscope Reprocessors, a double endoscopy grade height-adjustable sink, integral RO plant, a track-and-trace system, and clean and dirty areas enabling a one-way flow for scopes.

Claire Jones-Manning, decontamination lead at the trust, said: “When we made the decision to centralise our decontamination departments we were faced with a period of sustained disruption across the trust.

”Working with EMS Healthcare we’ve been able to avoid this, finding a solution that will ensure the smooth delivery of services for our patients.

“Crucially, EMS Healthcare’s support has allowed us to take a pro-active approach to tackling capacity challenges – a real benefit to the overall efficiency of our trust.”

Jo Quarterman, account manager at EMS Healthcare, added: “To be able to follow up the deployment of our first mobile endoscopy decontamination unit so quickly is a huge show of confidence in this solution.

”When developing the Quest+ Decontamination unit, we worked closely with leading healthcare providers and market experts to create a solution that could address capacity challenges just like this, so it is especially encouraging now to see the unit having an impact on the ground.”

EMS Healthcare has officially partnered with reprocessing equipment provider, Cantel (UK) and RO plant provider, Veolia Water Technologies, on the unit, which has led to a one-stop solution for all decontamination needs.

News of the unit’s imminent arrival at Leicester General follows its successful deployment at Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield.

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