Lincs trust deploys e-Prescribing solution

Published: 7-Feb-2012

Hospital chooses Ascribe\'s ePMA solution to improve patient safety

Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is to deploy Ascribe’s Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (ePMA) solution.

The organisation is already using the supplier’s Web Pharmacy Solution and, by moving to a full ePMA system, clinicians will be able to access a wider set of healthcare IT systems and improve patient safety as their clinical decisions become more fully informed.

Mike Urwin, clinical director of pharmacy and medicines management at the trust, said: “The introduction of e-Prescribing is good news for the trust and our patients. It enables us to implement the ‘closed loop’ of medicines management, allowing us to improve service delivery and improve patient safety. By using decision support during prescribing we can also enable clinicians to make the most informed decision for patients and implement a solution that can monitor outcomes to improve the care we give to all our patients.”

ePMA improves patient safety by reducing medical and administrative errors that are linked to handwritten notes. The trust is expecting to receive additional benefits from improved drug use reporting and cost efficiencies from its drug budget.

Pete Wisher, the trust’s director of diagnostics and therapeutics, said: “I hope that our partnership with Ascribe will enable us to better integrate our trustwide clinical systems, both Ascribe’s and additional third-party clinical systems.

“By connecting our systems and focusing on the needs of our patients, we will be able to deliver safety and operational benefits.

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