Modular wiring systems used at Spire Shawfair Park Hospital


Modular approach saves time and money for private healthcare operator

Modular Wiring Systems, a subsidiary of electrical cable manufacturer Tratos, has designed, manufactured and supplied modular distribution systems for the new Spire Shawfair Park Hospital in Edinburgh.

A private hospital owned by Spire Healthcare, it comprises a two-storey private day surgery hospital totalling 4,000sq m. The state-of-the-art facility will accommodate consulting rooms, inpatient rooms, daycare pods, an operating theatre department, and a host of support services.

The LV distribution systems manufactured by Modular Wiring Systems feature a 32amp circuit with high-integrity earth. As part of the hospital’s specification, both ring and radial circuits were utilised.

Stuart McMenigall, senior contracts manager at NG Bailey, said: “I’m totally converted to modular wiring systems following this project. The benefits included programme, sequence and the speed of install. There was a lot of pressure time-wise as the partitioning programme was running away. We were two weeks behind, but using modular wiring systems enabled us to catch up and get in front of builder.

“We also had problems onsite with the circuit charts, services drawings and the architect’s layouts – they didn’t tie in and were conflicting with each other. Again, using a modular system helped to overcome this as we didn’t need home runs etc - we just dropped it in.”

Unlike traditional fixed installations, which are labour intensive, offer little in flexibility and remain costly, modular wiring systems allow for a complete installation, from the distribution board to the furthest point of a circuit, simply by connecting the system components together.

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