NAVIFY clinical decision support apps launch

Published: 24-Sep-2018

Clinical Trial Match and NAVIFY Publication Search apps help oncology care teams access clinical trial information

  • Roche launches an app ecosystem with the first two clinical decision support apps
  • Apps query globally-renowned resources based on real-world data
  • Patient-specific results lead to more-personalised treatment decisions by oncology care teams

Roche has announced the launch of the first two NAVIFY clinical decision support apps: The NAVIFY Clinical Trial Match and NAVIFY Publication Search apps to help oncology care teams access relevant clinical trial information and publications more effectively.

Finding the most-relevant, up-to-date clinical trials and literature is a cumbersome and labour-intensive process.

But the two launched apps, available on the NAVIFY Tumor Board, facilitate this process.

NAVIFY Clinical Trial Match app identifies clinical trial options based on patient-specific attributes such as age, gender, biomarkers and various tumour information from 11 international registries.

NAVIFY Publication Search app mines publication sources globally for most-recent clinically and therapeutically-relevant literature.

The content of both apps is provided by MolecularMatch, a clinical informatics company with expertise in precision oncology, immunotherapy and bioinformatics.

The launch of these first two apps is the start of the NAVIFY apps ecosystem. More will follow to expand the clinical decision support functionalities.

“With our leading portfolio covering diagnostics, therapies and data, Roche is uniquely positioned to actively shape the digitalisation of healthcare”, said Roche chief executive, Severin Schwan.

“With innovative solutions such as the NAVIFY clinical decision support apps we move one step closer to offering more-personalised care across the patient journey, from diagnosis to therapy decision, treatment and medical monitoring.”

The NAVIFY decision support portfolio helps multidisciplinary care teams navigate the complexity of medical information by transforming large amounts of data into actionable insights.

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