New framework for purchase of imaging, radiotherapy and endoscopy equipment

Published: 19-Jan-2016

NHS Supply Chain framework helps NHS to save money on procurement

NHS Supply Chain has launched the Imaging, Radiotherapy & Endoscopy Framework, covering more than 24 equipment categories and including new procurement solutions under one standard set of terms and conditions.

The first of these - the new hybrid theatres category - recognises the move towards innovation in the management of equipment to deliver improved healthcare outcomes.

The second new and technologically-advanced category is the addition of surgical navigation systems. Both of these innovative categories have been designed to ensure the NHS has access to the latest equipment and solutions that will save patient bed time and ultimately improve healthcare outcomes.

Under the same agreement, the dedicated endoscopy team has a single procurement process across a range of endoscopy requirements. This will facilitate both the individual requirements of each NHS trust and also the National Bowel Screening Programme in delivering vital savings in the national cancer strategy.

The availability and use of this framework can help make savings within the NHS as it enables exclusive access to the Department of Health’s Capital Equipment fund to lever national demand. This can range from multiple trusts with similar buying requirements combined into one single order, right through to the team managing the risk of bulk procurements over a longer time frame, to secure bigger savings for the NHS.

The other major development in this agreement has been the ability to bring together in one place, for the first time, all of the additional supporting documentation needed to complete a professional procurement. These range from the pre-purchase questionnaire (PPQ) to the required infection control information, right through to the technical specifications and IT connections information.

Removing the duplication of requests for standard procurement documents across the system is envisaged to save thousands of hours in both clinical and procurement time across the six-year time frame of the agreement.

Jason Lavery, trading director for the capital solutions team at NHS Supply Chain, said: “This framework forms the foundation of the services we provide, delivering the highest level of support and savings directly to the NHS.”

“We all value the NHS. Our scale, experience and passion support the planning, purchase and management of medical equipment, saving time and money for the NHS to concentrate on patient care.”

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