New wave of care homes brings Hollywood glamour to the UK


Gracewell Healthcare leads the way in designing hotel-style residential care homes

The styles of some of Hollywood’s most-iconic stars, including Marilyn Monroe and Cary Grant, are helping to inspire rooms in a new type of care home, which offers something different for older people in the UK.

Gracewell Healthcare is leading a wave of new, boutique hotel-style residential homes, which use interior design and artwork to create a more-homely environment.

With 15 developments across the South and the Midlands, the company has recently opened a facility in Church Crookham, Hampshire.

Offering specialist dementia, nursing and residential care, the 60-bed unit is a showcase for Gracewell’s innovative approach to supporting elderly people.

New wave of care homes brings Hollywood glamour to the UK

“Interior design is a priority at Gracewell and all of our homes are designed to feel more like boutique hotels than the popular image of residential care,” Sara-Jane Parkin, home manager, told BBH .

“For example, each suite is designed to reflect the style of a famous film star. Residents are also encouraged to personalise their spaces with pieces of furniture from home, treasured mementos, and favourite artwork or photos.

“Additionally, communal spaces are decorated with artwork from the 40s, 50s and 60s – selected to evoke positive memories from residents.”

Close attention is paid to every detail of the home during the design process, as well as the additional services the facility provides, such as catering.

New wave of care homes brings Hollywood glamour to the UK

The building is split into four ‘households’, each with 15 rooms. Each bedroom has been carefully designed by Gracewell’s inhouse design team and residents can bring their own furniture, pictures and decorations.

“Every space throughout the building has a bright and vibrant feel to it, with each lounge and dining area having its own elegance and uplifting contemporary colour scheme,” said Parkin.

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“As some of our residents live with dementia, light is very important, so in each corridor there are big glass windows. It does not look or feel like your traditional care home, and that is an important part of our approach.”

New wave of care homes brings Hollywood glamour to the UK