Nuffield Health implements McKesson Cardiology at Bournemouth cardiac centre

Published: 22-Jul-2015

Technology platform offers advanced solution for specialist cardiology service

Nuffield Health Bournemouth Hospital is implementing McKesson Cardiology as its cardiovascular information solution as part of the establishment of a new, premier private cardiac facility that is set to further position Bournemouth as a leading reference site for cardiology services in the UK.

Within Nuffield, Bournemouth Hospital will be the third hospital to offer patients a full cardiac service, including Echo and Cath labs, an outpatient diagnostic, and inpatient day case cardiology facility, and will be the only private offering for cardiology services in and around Bournemouth.

The hospital chose McKesson’s CVIS as the technology platform to underpin the new service as it was the preferred reporting management tool for the cardiologists providing cardiac services, offering them an advanced solution.

David McNair, hospital director at Bournemouth, said: “Our wider objective is to firmly establish Bournemouth as one of the UK’s premier reference sites for cardiology and to provide patients with the best-possible services available. The Royal Bournemouth Hospital already has national recognition in this specialism, so the stipulations we had in designing our cardiac service included enabling close collaboration for our cardiologists and technological interoperability between systems, as well as investing in the best-possible equipment.

“McKesson’s CVIS solution was used by cardiologists at the Royal Bournemouth. It was their product of choice and met all our criteria in terms of interoperability and technological leadership.”

“The McKesson solution will provide clinicians with a single point of access to all cardiac images and information,” added Ohad Arazi, general manager for McKesson Cardiology.

“This includes anywhere access to each patient’s complete cardiovascular medical record, and workflows that streamline the management of cardiovascular information to optimise the time spent on patient care. Furthermore, telecardiology functionality will provide interoperability between the McKesson solutions at both Bournemouth Hospital and Royal Bournemouth for improved clinical collaboration.”

The outpatient diagnostic facility at Bournemouth Hospital is already established, with McKesson live at the hospital’s Echo lab. The Cath lab is currently being built and is expected to be fully functional by 1 October.

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