Private healthcare company boosts patient data security

Published: 29-Mar-2012

HCA International introduces privacy breach detection software

Private healthcare group, HCA International, has signed a contract with FairWarning to monitor and protect patient privacy in its electronic health records system.

The company has purchased the Privacy Breach Detection system for its six leading private hospitals in London, which treat around 300,000 patients a year.

The system will provide automated auditing and monitoring of healthcare applications and ensure compliance with key components of the EU Data Protection Act and NHS Information Governance Regulations. It also features advanced analytics for the detection of potential privacy breaches.

“HCA, along with all other health organisations, has a requirement to meet a growing number of regulatory obligations, said Michael Gogola, the company’s chief information officer. “With an increasing volume of electronic health records, the requirement to automate the monitoring of those systems was essential if we were to achieve regulatory compliance. FairWarning will allow us to protect the patient data, while freeing up resources for other projects, and is absolutely crucial to us meeting our obligations.”

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