NHSBSA appoints Agilisys as cloud and digital transformation partner

Published: 3-Sep-2018

Partnership to harness technology that will be a catalyst for better health

Working in partnership with the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA), Agilisys will deliver a series of new technology solutions to enable service improvements and innovation.

The NHSBSA, an arm’s-length body of the Department of Health and Social Care, provides central services to NHS bodies, patients, and the public, such as issuing European Health Insurance Cards, administering payments to pharmacists and dentists, and managing the NHS pension scheme.

The appointment of Agilisys ties in with the NHSBSA’s new strategic direction of being more flexible and responsive to business needs and will include the design of a new service desk, a multi-cloud platform and managed infrastructure and applications support.

By creating a cloud-first environment, the NHSBSA will be able to better manage costs through a utility-based pricing model and will see the delivery of a technology service, which underpins everything the business delivers for their workforce and customers alike.

Alistair McDonald, chief executive at NHSBSA, said: “We support better outcomes for patients through arming our workforce and customers with the technology they need, to pro-actively support and transform our services into the digital world we are now in.

The public sector is now at a crossroads where technology is offering the opportunity to deliver a whole range of game-changing initiatives

“In terms of a digital transformation, it starts with technology. We’re in the process of transforming our services for customers, our workforce and other NHS organisations so it is imperative that our digital infrastructure is robust enough to be able to cope with the demand and pressures being placed upon them. It has to be secure, flexible and meet the future needs of the business.

“Partnering with Agilisys allows us to act on our vision of being the delivery partner of choice for the NHS.”

Andrew Mindenhall, chief executive at Agilisys, added: “We are delighted to be chosen by NHSBSA as their technology partner to help them transform their digital infrastructure to support the complex and critical provision of healthcare services to the public.

“The authority has made significant progress over the last decade, taking great strides in adopting new technology to underpin and enable service transformation. But the public sector is now at a crossroads where technology is offering the opportunity to deliver a whole range of game-changing initiatives.

“Adoption of the appropriate technology infrastructure such as the cloud is a fundamental stepping stone in this process.”

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