Physio-Control launches TrueCPR coaching device

Published: 17-May-2013

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation solution improves manual CPR performance

Physio-Control has announced the availability of the TrueCPR coaching device, a key part of its cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) solution designed to improve manual CPR performance.

TrueCPR is a simple-to-use tool that accurately measures manual chest compressions to optimise manual CPR by providing high-quality feedback in both real-time and following a resuscitation event. It utilises new triaxial field induction (TFI) technology, which has been shown to provide accurate CPR depth measurement and help guide rescuers to perform compressions of at least two inches of depth.

TFI technology is a new innovation from Physio-Control and it measures changes in a very low-energy 3D magnetic field generated by a reference pad placed beneath the patient and a sensor on the patient’s chest, continuously calculating the changing distance between the two points as a caregiver performs manual compressions. Unlike accelerometer-based devices, which have been shown to overestimate chest compression depth on soft surfaces, TrueCPR measures the relative distance from the chest sensor to reference pad, regardless of patient movement, as such it can be used on surfaces such as a hospital gurney, mattress or in a moving ambulance.

TrueCPR provides three levels of CPR performance feedback to help response team improve their CPR quality. These are:

  • In real-time – an easy-to-see display shows compression depth and rate, a metronome to guide correct compression rate, and an event timer
  • Immediately post-event – summary statistics include average rate, correct depth percentage, elapsed time and hands-on chest time
  • Post-event review and debriefing – up to 180 minutes of detailed CPR information can be reviewed via Physio-Control data review software to evaluate overall performance and establish a quality improvement feedback loop

“The importance of high-quality CPR for cardiac arrest victims is widely recognised. However, performing optimal chest compressions is challenging, even for trained professionals,” said Brian Webster, president and chief executive of Physio-Control.

“The accurate real-time feedback delivered through TrueCPR is a real advantage during resuscitation, plus TrueCPR collects the critical data necessary for post-event quality improvement.”

TrueCPR is an integral part of the Physio-Control System of Care, offering customers a variety of resuscitation solutions to meet their unique requirements and protocols. The system is comprised of tools that can work independently or together to help improve CPR quality and patient outcomes, including:

  • LIFEPAK 15 monitor/defibrillator – with waveform capnography for monitoring CPR effectiveness and a metronome for guiding to the correct chest compression rate
  • LUCAS Chest Compression System – Physio-Control’s mechanical CPR solution; easy to apply, providing consistent compressions of at least 100 compressions/minute and two inches of depth, with minimal interruptions, even during patient transport
  • CODE-STAT Data Review Software with CPR Analytics – capturing chest compression and shock delivery data from all LIFEPAK devices for post-event review and quality improvement
  • LIFEPAK 20/20e – combining AED function with manual capability so both basic life support and advanced cardiovascular life support clinicians can quickly and easily deliver advanced therapeutic care

TrueCPR is portable and requires no connection to a monitor/defibrillator, making it compatible with a variety of manufacturers’ devices. It utilises off-the-shelf batteries and requires no accessories, making it economical for repeated patient use.

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