Quartz partners with Aid Call to deliver new build hospital

Published: 15-Mar-2018

The project required Quartz to design, install and test all of the mechanical and electrical services within the hospital, including the supply and installation of a nurse call system

Quartz Electrical and Mechanical Services Limited provide electrical and mechanical services to industrial, commercial and residential customers throughout the UK, which often involves the design and build of large scale hospital projects for the public and private sector.

In 2016 the company was commissioned by Tolent Construction Limited to facilitate the design and build of a new hospital in Teesside, which joins their client's network of 36 private hospitals across the UK.

The brief for Tees Valley Hospital included a 19-bed patient ward, three medical theatres, x-ray and endoscopy departments, and two stage recovery areas, with medical gas services where required.

The project required Quartz to design, install and test all of the mechanical and electrical services within the hospital to ensure they comply with Healthcare Technical Memorandum (HTM) guidelines, as well as the client's specific requirements. This included the supply and installation of a nurse call system, for which Quartz released a tender.

Nurse Call

Gavin Kendall, Electrical Operations Director for Quartz, said: "After receiving quotations from a number of leading nurse call providers we decided to move forward with Aid Call. The wireless offer and the adaptability of the system were, in my opinion, the best solution for the project."

Aid Call's Touchsafe Pro system does not rely on cables or stationary wiring points, making it infinitely expandable and allowing for complete flexibility and mobility. The wireless configuration allows the system to adapt to the ever changing priorities and demands of the healthcare sector, which is reassuring at a time of increased pressure on resources and environments.

Gavin commented: "We received good support from Aid Call during the design process, and this enabled us to produce complete comprehensive layout drawings and literature to present to our client. The offer of the Nurse Call system was then agreed and approved by the client."

Aid Call and Quartz Mechanical and Electrical Services Limited began working in partnership on the installation of the Nurse Call system at Tees Valley Hospital in July 2017.


Gavin added: “Aid Call also assisted later in the project, as the client required additional items to be added to the Nurse Call system. The adaptability of the wireless system provided by Aid Call really proved its value at this point.”

Additional panels, call points and assistive devices can be added to Aid Call’s Touchsafe Pro system at any time during installation, and once the system is operational. The Nurse Call provider offers an extensive range of assistive technology such as fall detectors which facilitate individual patient requirements.

Senior Business Development Manager for Aid Call, Stuart Barclay, said: “Working with a design team and contractor is great for us, as we can plan from the drawing stage. However once the system becomes operational, sometimes clients like to add an additional panel or audio visual lights.

“After the installation at Tees Valley Hospital, the client requested an emergency paging system for all the wards to attend emergency calls, as well as a remote call point which could be attached to a mobile MRI unit which visits the hospital on a weekly basis.

Tees Valley Hospital was completed in December 2017, and opened to its first patients in February 2018.

Aid Call is a business unit of Legrand Electric Ltd

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