Static Systems Group and Construction Specialties develop integrated bedhead wall system

Published: 4-Feb-2020

CS Multiwall Bedhead provides fast and efficient delivery of hospital bedhead services

A year-long collaboration between Static Systems Group and Construction Specialties (CS) has resulted in the launch of the CS Multiwall Bedhead, an innovative integrated bedhead wall system that provides fast and efficient delivery of hospital bedhead services.

A cost-effective and adaptable solution; the product has been designed with build efficiency in mind and comes fully prefabricated and ready for installation, making it ideally suited to both new-build and refurbishment projects.

Bedhead services, including nurse call, medical gas, data, power and lighting controls are conveniently integrated into the wall unit.

These meet the requirements of the ProCure 22+ Repeatable Rooms design layouts.

A wide range of finish options are available from the CS Acrovyn range, including printed graphics, enabling the system to be tailored to each individual project’s functional and aesthetic requirements.

The system is delivered to site flat packed and in easy-to-handle prefabricated sections, avoiding the need for measuring or cutting on site.

And if offers quick, clean and efficient installation, resulting in better control of project planning and scheduling.

When used in refurbishment schemes there is less disruption to existing operations than when using traditional construction solutions.

Furthermore, pre-designed and fitted electrical services and medical gases can be provided to reduce installation time.

In addition to benefits during the installation process, CS Multiwall Bedhead offers a number of practical post-installation benefits including an easy-to-clean hygienic finish to meet infection control requirements and easy-to-remove panels allowing easy access to services in the wall cavity.

System futureproofing has also been taken into account; replacement panels can be quickly swapped without the need for specialist contractors.

And the modular design of CS Multiwall means it can easily be adapted and reconfigured to suit changing functional and operational requirements throughout the building’s lifetime.

Pete Ball, head of sales at Static Systems, said: “We work alongside a number of best-in-breed industry partners to provide integrated solutions and this product is a great example of collaboration that has resulted in a smart solution for ward refurbishment and new-build projects.

“The new system is particularly suited to refurbishment projects where the wall system can cover existing wall-mounted services, eliminating the need to prepare or refinish the existing walls.

“Existing cabling and pipework can simply be temporarily moved before being reinstalled into the new bedhead wall unit, avoiding both the additional costs of remedial work and the disruption of onsite labour.”

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