Wireless nurse call fob improves patient safety

Published: 12-Mar-2021

Aspire SmartSync wireless call fob from Static Systems Group promotes patient mobility

Static Systems Group (SSG) has extended its Aspire SmartSync wireless nurse call product range to include a wireless call fob, giving patients the freedom to move around their room or ward yet still be able to request immediate staff assistance.

With trusts looking to provide prime healing environments alongside positive patient experiences, patients are being encouraged, where able, to become more mobile.

This can, however, potentially pose a risk to a patient’s safety and wellbeing if they are unable to call for assistance because the wall-mounted patient hand unit is out of reach.

To resolve this issue, SSG has designed its new Aspire SmartSync Patient Fob; an intuitive and easy-to-operate call unit with user reassurance LED, attached to an anti-ligature lanyard.

Offering the same time-efficient installation methodology as other SmartSync devices, the new patient fob is quickly and easily connected to the system using the Aspire Touch Staff Indicator.

Once connected, the wireless patient call fob instantly forms an integral part of the nurse call system, automatically adopting the characteristics of other patient-to-staff alarms, including alerts at the nurse station and smart devices.

Powered by a standard battery, an alarm is raised to initially indicate ‘low battery’, followed by a further alert if the device loses all power due to the battery not being changed.

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