Aesthetic Excellence Behind Closed Doors: SDS Elevates Waterfront Private Hospital's Transformation in Granton, Edinburgh

Published: 22-Mar-2024

Waterfront Private Hospital in Granton, Edinburgh, symbolises the pinnacle of aesthetic refinement in cosmetic and plastic surgery. Specialist Door Solutions Ltd (SDS) played a central role, providing high-end Dfendoor doorsets and innovative SDS Priviglaze+, seamlessly blending elegance with functionality and infection control in this prestigious healthcare facility

Waterfront Private Hospital in Granton, Edinburgh, Scotland, stands as a beacon of sophistication in cosmetic and plastic surgery. Completed in 2023 through the redevelopment of a vacant building linked to a supermarket, this state-of-the-art facility is owned and managed by consultant plastic surgeons, Dr. Awf and Dr. Omar Quaba. The hospital, recognised for excellence, proudly stands as a finalist in the Health Care Development of the Year category at the prestigious Scottish Property Awards.

Door Selection
At the heart of Waterfront Private Hospital's transformation lies the meticulous selection of door solutions. Specialist Door Solutions Ltd (SDS) played a pivotal role in delivering high-end Dfendoor doorsets that seamlessly integrate with the sophisticated aesthetics expected in a private healthcare facility. Renowned for their resilience, durability, and hygienic properties, Dfendoor doorsets meet stringent fire safety standards and require minimal maintenance, making them ideal for the demands of a high-traffic hospital environment.

Innovative Integration: SDS Priviglaze+
Further showcasing a commitment to innovation and infection control, SDS Priviglaze+ was seamlessly incorporated into the door design. Placed centrally on the door, these warning lights eliminate the need for traditional wall-mounted fixtures, enhancing both the safety and the aesthetic appeal of the hospital's interior. The Priviglaze+ system, wired directly to the surgeon’s panel, offers a heightened level of control in critical medical settings.

Client's Vision and Compliance
Waterfront Private Hospital's success stems from a client vision prioritising strict adherence to Scottish Health Technical Memorandum (SHTM) guidelines. The emphasis on creating a fully SHTM-compliant environment, including a specialized operating suite, treatment rooms, and waiting areas, guided the design process.

Architectural Ingenuity by NVDC
NVDC Architects, the visionary designers behind Waterfront Private Hospital, collaborated closely with SDS to bring their door solutions to life. Beyond aesthetics, NVDC researched and specified an advanced access control system, seamlessly integrated with the overall building design. This system, controllable via a mobile app, allows for precise management of access levels throughout the facility.

Collaboration for Seamless Integration
The collaborative efforts extended to the construction phase, with Souness & Boyne, the contractors, ensuring the seamless integration of door solutions, access control systems, and other critical components. The holistic approach extended to the design of an energy-efficient lighting system, showcasing a commitment to sustainability and efficiency.

"Specialist Door Solutions Ltd's Dfendoor doorsets have contributed to the aesthetic excellence of Waterfront Private Hospital, seamlessly blending sophistication with functionality. Their sleek design and impeccable fit complement this premier healthcare facility, embodying the perfect synergy between form and function." - Anna Dach, Architect at NVDC

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