SDS achieves FD60 pass for healthcare fire doors

Published: 27-Nov-2023

This achievement underscores SDS's unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier solutions for the healthcare industry

In a significant milestone for fire safety in healthcare environments, Specialist Door Solutions (SDS) proudly announces the successful attainment of an FD60 pass for its innovative double-acting doorset. This achievement underscores SDS's unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier solutions for the healthcare industry.

Importance of FD60 Pass

Obtaining an FD60 pass for double-acting doorsets is a testament to the rigorous testing and dedication employed by SDS. The FD60 rating ensures that these hospital doorsets can effectively control the spread of fire for a minimum of 60 minutes when correctly installed, significantly enhancing the safety and security of healthcare facilities.

Primary Testing vs. Global Testing

This accomplishment at Warrington Fire brings to light the paramount importance of primary testing in the certification of fire doors. When selecting fire doors, every component of the doorset, including vision panels and ironmongery, plays a crucial role in its certification. SDS advocates for purchasing complete, primary tested doorset packages, including ironmongery, as the most effective way to ensure a fire-compliant doorset.

Confidence in Real-Life Conditions

Primary test evidence, as demonstrated by the FD60 pass, assures that the complete doorset has undergone a real-life burn-to-death fire test under strictly controlled conditions. SDS clients can now have confidence that these products will perform as required in the event of a fire, with testing subjecting doorsets to temperatures exceeding 900°C.

Key Features of SDS Double Swing Door Systems

BM Trada Q-mark Certification - Ensures the doors meet the highest industry standards for performance and reliability.

2mm PVC Postforming - Provides exceptional toughness and durability, ideal for the rigours of healthcare environments.

Concealed Closer - Combines functionality with aesthetics and hygiene, without the complications of a floor spring or transom closer.

Versatility - Suitable for various healthcare settings, from corridors and wards to operating theatres and treatment rooms.

10-Year Warranty - SDS stands behind the quality and durability of its product with a 10-year warranty, offering peace of mind to customers.

SDS firmly believes that there is no substitute for primary testing, and the FD60 pass at Warrington Fire reaffirms the company's commitment to delivering fire doors that excel in the most demanding conditions. This accomplishment solidifies SDS's position as a trusted provider of fire-resistant door solutions for healthcare environments. 

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