Antimicrobial copper taps launched by Pegler Yorkshire

Published: 19-Dec-2011

New copper tap range helps kill off hospital bugs

A NEW range of infection control taps has been launched by Pegler Yorkshire specifically designed for healthcare environments.

Manufactured using antimicrobial copper, the range has been certified as helping to kill potentially-dangerous bugs even between cleans.

Pegler product market manager, Mike Dickinson, said: “As the healthcare industry strives to prevent the transfer of infectious bacteria, and with taps being one area of a hospital that is continuously used, it is imperative that manufacturers develop new products to help combat the issues facing the sector.

“The results of research conducted by specialists across the world has shown that the antimicrobial benefits of copper far outweigh any other product on the market. These are the most-effective touch surface and are ideal for the healthcare environment where their inherent, continuous ability to kill bacteria will supplement infection control measures.”

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