Barnsley Hospital launches new electronic record platform for maternity services

Published: 6-Jun-2024

Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has begun the rollout of a new digital system within its maternity services and the community

Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has launched its new digital system within its maternity services and the community.

BadgerNet will replace the paper-based system with a comprehensive electronic record platform, already widely used across the NHS.


BadgerNet is owned by System C, a UK-based supplier of health information technology systems and services to the NHS and social care spaces. 

The fully paperless early pregnancy, gynaecology, and maternity system is regularly updated to have the latest data sets and guidance to ensure the system stays current and responsive to requests without leaving units with a large bill for changes. 

The innovative system allows clinical staff to electronically document all aspects of maternity care, providing a single point of access to essential information. 

In addition, as a centrally hosted solution, BadgerNet links with all BadgerNet Maternity and Neonatal sites across the UK giving all units access to critical information where and when it is needed. 

This facilitates quick and informed decision-making, enhancing the quality of care for our patients. 

BadgerNet has an app, BadgerNotes, that is aimed at patients. The app provides real-time access to maternity, child, or neonatal records and is available on Android and Apple app stores, as well as PCs and tablets.

Further, BadgerNotes empowers patients to view and update their care records digitally and through the app families continue to be supported during the post-natal period, ensuring continued care and communication in the first few weeks after birth.

Key Features 

Real-time access

Patients can access their pregnancy details from any smartphone or computer device. 

Personalised Care experience

View your personalised care plan, add comments, and see visit outcomes. 

Appointment tracking

Keep track of appointments and view test results. Collaborative Planning: Collaborate with your midwife on plans and preferences for before, during, and after birth.

Vicki Carlisle, Digital Midwife, said: "The new system revolutionises maternity care by providing expectant mothers real-time access to their pregnancy details. At your first appointment, your midwife will guide you on how to access the BadgerNotes portal. You can track appointments, view test results, and collaborate with your midwife, all at the touch of a button."

Mark Shearer, Project Manager, added: "We’re excited to launch this new portal to support expectant mothers and their families during their maternity journey. The app is simple to use, and we believe our patients will see the benefits quickly. It allows families to take an active role in their maternity care, from pregnancy through to after the birth." 

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