Brandon Medical innovates to support carbon reduction in healthcare

Published: 28-Jul-2021

Supporting this initiative in more than 70 countries, Brandon Medical aims to reduce carbon emissions for turnkey projects

Pledge to Net Zero is only a step to formalise what has been Brandon Medical’s decades- long philosophy, both on reducing the carbon footprint of our commercial activity, but not in the least, to innovate in the space of turnkey acute care equipment in such a way to support the carbon hungry healthcare around the world reduce emissions. Brandon Medical equipment is installed in UK and over 70 countries around the world.

Brandon Medical has pledged to net zero and it is working towards a complete policy. ‘Pledge to Net Zero’ is the environmental industry’s global commitment, requiring science- based targets and demonstrate leadership as well as taking strong actions to mitigate the most significant impacts of climate change.

Brandon Medical series of innovations spanning two decades – included in the SMART turnkey equipment for acute care that carry the environmental ethic to decrease the huge carbon footprint of healthcare:

  • HD-LED innovation –Queens Award for Innovation in 2011 – replacing energy hungry halogen with above the average performance LED lighting
  • iBEPU – the only SMART operating light emergency backup battery – which can be monitored via NFC sensors with data collecting in the cloud – and first visit
  • The Intelligent Theatre Control panel which can be upgraded and updated remotely; the panel will turn off and run maintenance routines when it detects the operating room is not in service
  • The Symposia near zero latency 4K audio video system - allows surgeons in training to attend surgeries remotely for training purposes
  • The i2i Quasar operating light (isolated to integrated), with segment self-healing; cloud data collection allows first visit fix, or advice over the phone if there is only a settings issue
  • The Mediclean Ultra Clean Ventilation with CPM (continuous particle monitoring) which automatically starts and stops depending on number of particulates in the air, using no more and no less energy than necessary for a high level of safety for patients and staff
Brandon Medical innovates to support carbon reduction in healthcare

Last, but not least two decades of expertise in configuring acute care areas for a regulatory and recommendatory compliant solution - with high levels of engineering contingency and resilience while maintaining a commercial design philosophy allows Brandon Medical to provide MMC (modern methods of construction) modular equipment which can be set up off building site.

Internally, Brandon Medical’s initiatives are practical, small evolutionary changes to the business, but over time they set a direction and their impact builds. These initiatives include:

  • Move to natural and recyclable packing
  • Recycle and reuse all incoming packaging
  • Introduced recycling marks on plastic parts
  • Introduce carbon monitoring
  • Upgrade building to modern eco standard
  • Install building energy management
  • Reroof 4698 sqm of premises: factory, offices with 30cm insulation
  • Utilise comfort cooling and natural ventilation
  • Introduced natural light harvesting
  • Fit replacement high efficiency boilers
  • Installation of 30Kw Solar electricity plant
  • Adoption of hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Smart cell automated manufacturing process – reduce faults and waste of metals - Innovation Award Make UK

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