Brandon Medical’s i2i Quasar eLite gets shortlisted at Elektra Awards

Published: 3-Feb-2022

The company’s Quasar eLite Surgical Light integrated with i2i is a future-proof solution supporting Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and was shortlisted for the Award for Excellence in Product Design (Medical)

According to Electronics Weekly, “The judges have deliberated, debated and discussed, and this year’s extremely high calibre of entries has yielded a phenomenally strong list of finalists”, which makes Brandon Medical proud and excited to have been shortlisted at the 2021 Elektra Awards.

i2i stands for “isolated to integrated” and has been developed by Brandon Medial R&D team to interconnect our products to the Intelligent Theatre Control Panel (iTCP), BMS or passed to the cloud for remote monitoring and data storage.

Connectivity to Mobile device applications will allow for more straightforward configuration, installation and servicing.

Making products i2i compatible will allow Brandon Medical to integrate with other devices around the OT rooms and hospitals and provide a better service to customers and partners.

Providing automated self-testing and diagnostics as a single system, the light unit acts as a load test for the power unit to measure battery performance for instantaneous operation and performance over time, to calculate service intervals based on actual usage patterns.

The data from the i2i can be monitored via 3rd party master device via industrial standard Modbus RTU reference.

The i2i (isolated to integrated) Brandon Medical cluster of communication technologies allows for data communication with the intelligent theatre control panel (iTCP) for reporting and scheduling self-test activities during empty theatre periods. It will enable the monitoring team to identify and highlight potential issues before the user is aware. This also allows the engineers to perform a first-point fix. The downtime of the operating theatres is reduced to a minimum which saves the hospital thousands of pounds per intervention and reduces the waiting time for patients to receive the needed lifesaving operation. The i2i supports Brandon Medical pledge to a net-zero carbon footprint.

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