CME Medical announces exclusive distribution rights for the Myfuser silicone elastomeric infusion pump

Published: 17-Jun-2014

Innovation focuses on anaesthesia, pain management and oncology

CME Medical has announced exclusive distribution rights for the Myfuser silicone elastomeric infusion pump in the UK and Ireland.

Myfuser has been designed and manufactured to a unique high-quality specification and is the only product currently on the market to combine a range of unique patient and clinician benefits; accuracy, safety, comfort and ease of use.

CME Medical plans to focus on two main clinical areas – anaesthesia/pain management and oncology - ensuring that Myfuser is available for acute hospital use, as well as home therapy to assist with enhanced recovery.

Myfuser administers the infusion of anaesthetic and analgesic drugs for pain treatment both post-operatively and for long-term management of chronic pain, as well as delivering chemotherapeutic drugs to hospitalised patients or under home care. Myfuser is also available for infusions of antibiotic and antiviral therapy.

The availability of this technology, which harnesses the elasticity of its internal balloon to push drug solutions through a filtering system into the infusion line and down to the patient, will mean that a wide range of treatments can now be administered via infusion without the need for batteries or power supply.

The use of high-quality medical-grade silicone and first-rate glass flow restrictor capillary means that Myfuser is particularly accurate, in any case within +/-10%. The balloon itself is able to perform uniform and symmetrical inflation and deflation as any push pressure variations are controlled via the presence of a mobile piston sliding along the fixed rod. In turn, this constant pressure ensures the best conditions for the correct delivery of drug therapy to patients.

CME Medical believes in making clinical practice safer through product innovation and Myfuser is no exception – developed with a range of special safety features. The rigid, crush-proof container protects the balloon, and the filling port is equipped with a special anti-reflux valve to prevent foreign particles from entering the system. Additional safety features include an anti-kinking tube to prevent accidental interruption of infusion, a removable clamp to allow voluntary and controlled interruption of infusion, and anti-reflux value and a 200 micron filter on the filling port prevent foreign particles from entering the system.

Patients will benefit from the comfort provided by Myfuser’s ergonomic design – compact, lightweight and easy portability with a belt clip and optional carry case. For healthcare professionals, Myfuser has also been designed with ease-of-use in mind. For example, the filling port can be laid down on the working surface during filling with limited force required. Priming is simple and fast with the combination of a double membrane filter and distal vented cap with hydrophobic filter, allowing automatic expulsion of air from the device. In addition, Myfuser features a magnified graduated scale to allow healthcare professionals to view the infusion progress clearly.

John Carrington, managing director of CME Medical, said: “Myfuser has exceptionally high manufacturing and design qualities, making this a safe, efficient and accurate choice for acute and home care settings.

As a leader in the portable infusion sector, our company ethos is to provide innovation in the market to enable health care professionals to deliver high-quality care to patients with greater efficiency. MyFuser is the next generation in portable infusion pump technology and we’re delighted to welcome it into the CME Medical product portfolio to complement our existing range.

“Supporting healthcare professionals to introduce our innovations safely and effectively is one of our prime aims, and the CME Medical team looks forward to working with anaesthesia and oncology teams to maximise the device benefits.”

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