CME Medical\'s T34 Ambulatory Syringe Pump improves safety of palliative care

Published: 13-Sep-2013

First solution to meet all of the NPSA requirements of the Safer Ambulatory Syringe Drivers Rapid Response Report

The T34TM Ambulatory Syringe pump was the first on the market to meet all of the NPSA requirements of the Safer Ambulatory Syringe Drivers Rapid Response Report from 2010. As such, this pump has improved the safety and efficacy of palliative care and other specialist infusion services across the UK and improved patient outcomes by ensuring optimum comfort and safety either at home or in a care environment.

The T34TM meets all of the key requirements for new technology set out in the Rapid Response Report, namely:

  • Rate setting in mL/hour to enable precise measurement of drugs
  • Mechanisms to stop the infusion if the syringe is not properly and securely fitted
  • Alarms that activate if the syringe is removed during infusion
  • Code-protected functions to only allow authorised personnel to change pump settings
  • Provision of an internal log memory to record all pump events

175 incidents with syringe drivers were reported to the NPSA ahead of the Rapid Response Report , which could have all been addressed by the T34TM, including incorrect rate settings and unexplained fast infusions which in some cases have been fatal.

The pump is small, lightweight, battery powered and easy to use, offering patients dignity as well as complete freedom to ambulate as required.

We have helped around 75% of UK trusts to make a safe and successful transition to the T34TM with the provision of collaborative clinical support which meets local needs, is fit for purpose and achieves training objectives.

The design of the T34TM was carried out with and for the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board. Clinical, technical and pharmacy teams at Glasgow all had an input into the final design and software requirements, with changes made resulting from clinical and end user feedback.

In December 2008, the Centre for Evidence-based Purchasing published an ambulatory syringe driver buyer’s guide, comparing devices available in the UK market. The usability assessments were carried out by a team of trained evaluators and palliative care specialists, working in both hospital and community settings. The T34TM achieved the highest score of all pumps assessed for setting up and monitoring the pump, as well as overall usability.

The T34TM comes with a two-year warranty as standard, saving customers money on repair costs. It also has built-in safety features that help nurses monitor and manage the pump, reducing time spent and preventing waste of medication while trouble shooting.

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