Electrolux has launched the new Line 6000 dryers

Published: 16-Nov-2018

The laundry manufacturer claims the range will set a new bar for professional laundries. Heat pump technology and other heating alternatives are available for all models

The Electrolux Line 6000 Dryers are a game changer in the laundry business, providing maximum productivity, high drying performance, outstanding speed in reduced footprint and exceptional savings.

Together with electric, gas and steam versions, the heat pump is suitable for all models. You will be amazed by the shortest drying time on the market ensured by this technology: the smaller machine takes 44 minutes (*) to dry 6 kg of garments, and the larger ones are even more efficient.

Moreover, the heat pump dryers allow you to save more than 60% on your energy bill compared to traditional models: this makes them the right, sustainable solution to boost your profitability.

Ultimately, thanks to their thoughtful design, the new Electrolux Line 6000 Dryers can be considered as ergonomics and usability champions, earning the prestigious 4-star rating in compliance with international standards. This means the machines have been intensively user-tested to make sure operators feel less tension, effort and strain, and can therefore work comfortably.

"The Line 6000 Dryers have changed the rules in the market when it comes to productivity, efficiency, ergonomics and performance. Thanks to the Electrolux customer-centric product development, the new range becomes really a unique partner in the laundry business, able to simplify and improve work life, ensure high quality level and grow the profit", says Darren Lockley, Head of Region UK & Ireland at Electrolux Professional.

(*) At rated capacity, 100% cotton load at 50% initial moisture dried to 0%

For more information, please visit https://professional.electrolux.co.uk/new-line-6000-tumble-dryers/.

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