At Imprivata, our understanding of unique and complex healthcare workflows and IT systems has made us the world leader in trusted digital identity management for health delivery organizations

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Digital identity is the cornerstone of what we do, enabling effective, efficient, secure, and compliant access and management for the systems, applications, and data that providers need to deliver quality care. We provide that access with clinical workflows, scalability, security, and compliance in mind. But we aren't stopping there. We're committed to progress and innovation, all in support of customers' needs – now and in the future.​

Imprivata establishes trust and streamlines clinical workflows by offering positive identity, ubiquitous access, and multifactor authentication solutions.

We think of digital identity as the 'new control plane' – not only a necessary and secure approach to healthcare delivery but also a critical HIPAA mandate - Gus Malezis, President and CEO

Achieving trusted digital identity across the enterprise

Barbara Dumery, SVP of Product Management at Imprivata, explains how Imprivata provisioning, access, multifactor authentication, and single sign-on solutions help ensure trusted digital identity in an increasingly complex ecosystem.

Managing and securing trusted digital identities across healthcare’s hyper-complex environment

Healthcare’s digital transformation initially focused on optimizing clinical workflows within the traditional hospital setting. But care is now being delivered across a much broader ecosystem. An increasing number of users with different roles need access to a wider variety of applications from any device and any location. And this access needs to be secure but efficient.

The proliferation of cloud applications, expanding number of connected devices, and increasingly decentralized workforce in healthcare has eroded the once well-defined network perimeter. In this new ecosystem, a comprehensive digital identity strategy is critical to enabling secure, compliant, and efficient workflows. Establishing, managing and securing trusted digital identities enables organizations to give all users access to the applications and information they need, from any device, anytime and anywhere they need it.

In this new, complex ecosystem, digital identity is the anchor of an effective security strategy. By focusing on digital identity, organizations can solve their critical workflow, security, and compliance challenges.

Imprivata solutions are purpose-built to meet the unique, demanding, and constantly changing security, compliance, and workflow challenges of the modern healthcare enterprise. Imprivata helps organizations strike the necessary, but often elusive balance between security and clinical workflow efficiency across the evolving healthcare technology landscape.

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