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Intouch with Health enables NHS Trusts and healthcare organisations to manage all aspects of hospital patient journeys using digital patient flow management software in line with CQC recommendations

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Delivering digital innovation and healthcare process improvement

Intouch with Health was established in 1999 and specialises in delivering IT-based patient flow management solutions to help Hospitals and private healthcare providers, in the UK and internationally, increase organisational efficiency and deliver an improved patient experience.

Intouch with Health helps NHS Trusts, hospitals and healthcare organisations, both nationally and internationally, to design, develop and deploy digital patient flow management projects for a better patient experience, improved communication and information management, cost reductions and overall quality improvements.

Our portfolio of digital patient flow innovations help hospitals to deliver overall process improvement across outpatient settings.

How do we do it?

We break down the patient journey into separate phases that in turn are managed using one of our digital patient and information management modules. By helping hospitals and healthcare organisations implement phased management of the patient journey using digital solutions, we help them to tackle industry challenges by delivering:

  • An improved patient experience
  • Accurate electronic data capture and electronic records
  • Quality improvement
  • Efficiency gains through digital transformation
  • Improved capacity management
  • Overall process improvements and cost reductions and, importantly…
  • A Return on Investment (RoI) of between 8 and 12 months

Our digital healthcare management solutions are used by both patients and staff at different phases of the hospital journey to deliver a holistic approach to healthcare management.

The Views of the User

Specific comments on the system and implementation from service users and clinicians

Orthopaedic Consultant

  • We used the eOutcomes system yesterday in clinic.
  • It was quite easy to use, takes less than 30 seconds.
  • It will help ensure patients are coded properly on their pathway and that we do not lose out on income from injections, splint, walker boot, plaster etc.

Head of Service, Ophthalmology and eOutcomes clinical champion

  • The Ophthalmology department has been using eOutcomes since the beginning of March 2016. In my view the introduction of the system has been a complete success.
  • It has greatly improved the compliance of doctors completing outcome forms which has resulted in better capture of outpatient procedure and a dramatic increase in income.

Director of Transformation & Turnaround

  • The partnership we formed with Intouch has been hugely rich and hugely beneficial both for us, as an organisation, but also for our patients accessing our services.
  • Intouch invest a great deal of time on-site speaking to service users and clinical teams about what is needed as a product.

ENT and Respiratory Medicine Consultants

  • I was pleasantly surprised and it was a treat to have someone in person demonstrating a new system, much reduced the stress levels.
  • Easy and straight forward to use.
  • As a self-confessed technophobe I have to agree the system is ridiculously simple to use and easier than working out which version of the paper outcome form we should be on now.
  • It is very simple and clear to use.

Intouch With Health

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