Jersey General upgrades with cost-effective imaging solutions from Fujifilm

Published: 6-May-2016

FDR Go with D-Evo II imaging plates transforms radiology

Jersey General Hospital has selected Fujfilm’s range of innovative medical solutions to completely transform its radiology department.

Duncan Depledge, general X-ray manager, explains: “We wanted to replace an analogue mobile machine with an integrated DR version, and the FDR Go with the D-Evo II imaging plates was the best solution. The FDR Go is light and manoeuvrable, with the advantage of viewing images at the bedside.

“The D-Evo II plates also bring another great advantage when combined with the FDR Go Flex laptops. This enables our other analogue mobiles to act as DR systems, bringing increased flexibility to the way we work.

“The FDR Go Flex system is able to integrate into an existing network, allowing it to work in a DR room with fixed detectors, enabling us to continue X-raying patients on a trolley when suitable. This same system has also provided a cost-effective solution to an existing CR room, allowing us to upgrade it to a DR room.

“We work very hard to get the best images using the lowest-possible dose and Fujfilm’s training and support with our optimisation process was fantastic. Having said that, the images did not need too much tweaking as they looked good ‘out of the box’.

“Overall, we have been very impressed with the quality of the images, the ease of use of both the FDR Go and Flex systems, and also with the ongoing support provided by the Fujifilm team.“

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