Jersey General Hospital launches System C’s Critical Care solution

Published: 28-Mar-2024

The hospital has implemented System C’s CareFlow Critical Care solution in its adult and neonatal intensive care units

Jersey General Hospital has achieved a significant milestone in its digital transformation journey with the successful implementation of System C's critical care solution.

The system will enhance the quality of care for the hospital’s most critically ill patients and aid its mission to grow the digital maturity of its healthcare provision. 

System C’s CareFlow Critical Care solution is in use in its adult and neonatal intensive care units and is enabling Jersey to boost patient safety and fulfil several higher-level HIMSS digital maturity accreditation requirements.

High-intensity patients can be monitored across their care journey now that data is visible from the emergency department to the intensive care unit (ICU) and theatre

The solution saves clinicians time by providing ready access to patient information by combining data from multiple sources and tailoring this information and relevant tasks to meet specific clinical purposes. 

High-intensity patients can be monitored across their care journey now that data is visible from the emergency department to the intensive care unit (ICU) and theatre, and informed decisions made more quickly to help enhance patient safety. 

Use of System C’s CareFlow Critical Care solution

Staff at all levels can take a more consistent and efficient approach to creating care plans now that documentation follows the International Classification for Nursing Practice (ICNP) and SNOMED standards and applies best practice and local policies. 

Care plans are available in a central Clinical Data Repository, saving staff time as they can digitally import, export and create any clinical documents required as part of care.  

Plans are now underway to further bolster patient safety through integrations with existing systems, notably System C’s electronic prescribing and medicines administration (EPMA) system and their new Closed Loop Medicines software with Positive Patient and specific medication Identification.  

The system is fully interoperable and can send and receive all data from the core EPR and back into Jersey’s data warehouses for centralised reporting, which supports the organisation in analysing and reporting on performance and improving its services. 

New and established staff members can take a much more effective approach to care planning

Leveraging newly consolidated data, the hospital will have the capability to benchmark against other providers using the Intensive Care National Audit & Research Centre (ICNARC) methodology, empowering the identification of workflow inefficiencies and targeted areas for improvement. 

These initiatives are key requirements for HIMSS digital maturity accreditation, which measures how healthcare providers use technology to improve patient safety and clinician satisfaction. 

Dr Alun Roberts Consultant Intensivist said: “It’s user friendly and allows much improved capture of clinical data. 

“New and established staff members can take a much more effective approach to care planning; as a result, there is more accurate data on which to base the clinical decisions,” Roberts continued.

The system is flexible and scalable, and can surge capacity to meet growing demand, as can be required when flu, COVID or other diseases strike,” Roberts concluded.

Nick Wilson, CEO of System C, said: “Achieving higher levels of digital maturity in order to deliver improved patient outcomes, is a key ambition for most healthcare providers, and we are proud to help Jersey on this mission.” 

“We tailor our technology to best meet clinical and operational needs through regular engagement with hospital staff, demonstrating the clear value and versatility of our digital healthcare solutions,” Wilson concluded.

What is next?

To move from paper-based to digital approaches in the ICU, System C collaborated with a group of clinical and non-clinical stakeholders to capture requirements, map out and refine processes, and design the system to meet the provider's needs. 

This approach has ensured buy-in from ICU senior staff at Jersey and facilitated ongoing improvements that continue to encourage user adoption. 

In addition, the wider digital maturity programme of work on the island will see the future deployment of CareFlow’s Digital Anaesthesia and Mobile solutions, which facilitate Closed Loop workflows for Medicines Administration, Specimen Collection, Milk Tracking and Blood Tracking and Transfusion. 

Jersey will also deploy CareFlow’s Controlled Drugs Manager to further digitise record keeping and surveillance. 

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