Jersey introduces hand held ultrasound system from SonoSite

Published: 9-Jul-2012

Jersey General Hospital has expanded its imaging services with the introduction of a flexible hand-carried ultrasound system.

The M-Turbo device from SonoSite will be used for a range of procedures in the emergency admission unit (EAU) and emergency department (A&E).

Respiratory specialist, Petra Schinle, said: “We have had SonoSite point-of-care ultrasound systems on our paediatric and adult intensive care units for a number of years and, having experienced first-hand how useful bedside ultrasound can be, we wanted to introduce it for emergency and acute patients. We chose an M-Turbo system for this role due to its multi-functional nature and ease of use and worked closely with our radiology department to ensure appropriate training and governance.”

The hospital initially used the system in EAU for assessing patients with suspected pleural effusions, pneumonia or other chest conditions, as well as the diagnosis of ascites.

Schinle said: “It not only minimises patient discomfort and reduces referrals to radiology, but it has also made us more independent in our practice, allowing basic diagnostic and needle-guided procedures. It is easy to get a good quality image, plus the Advanced Needle Visualisation function is very useful and, as we become more familiar with the technology, we are further expanding its use with the help and support of our sonographers.”

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