New disaster triage solution is launched

Published: 28-May-2013

Anoto and NTTData announce global launch of Triage Tag System

Digital writing technologies supplier, Anoto, and leading global IT services provider, NTTData, have announced the global availability of NTTData’s Triage Tag System.

The system has been designed by NTTData and Anoto strategic partner, Dai Nippon Printing (DNP), for use during disaster situations where triage teams need to send vital patient information to hospitals in order to determine appropriate care paths immediately for patients.

The Triage Tag System is a solution that digitises handwritten patient notes through the use of Anoto digital writing technologies. By turning handwritten information from first responders into typed data, the information can be quickly relayed from an ambulance, or a scene of a disaster, to the hospital so that doctors can prepare for patients coming in.

The greater insight from the data in transit allows doctors to better prepare and plan for triage space and treatment before a patient is delivered to the hospital.

The system was developed by NTTData and Koichi Tanigawa, professor at Hiroshima University’s Department of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine, and is based on DNP’s digital pen solution and its long experience working within the complex requirements of the triage field.

The solution has been designed to save essential time during a disaster situation, where the number of patients is high and doctors need to have all the relevant information to hand before patients are delivered to the hospital. During a disaster, it is essential that first responders provide accurate information about victims, their injuries, where they are, where they need to be taken to for care and what care path they require to treat injuries.

The information collected by Anoto’s digital writing technology from the Triage Tag System is automatically transmitted to a hospital network where hospitals can see a patient’s condition and decide which specialists are best suited to treat them.

“Rapid response is paramount in emergency and disaster situations,” said Kenji Yahagi of NTTData’s healthcare division. “Having the ability to accelerate the placement and treatment of patients in disaster zones with trained staff at local emergency centres will help save lives, as well as speed up the ability of emergency staff to prepare for inbound patients.”

“The Anoto digital writing technology is ideal for data capture purposes during a disaster situation, where triage nurses need to capture a wealth of information that the doctors treating the patients will need,” added Stein Revelsby, chief executive of Anoto. “As soon as the information is written live with the Anoto pens, it can be sent to the hospital network through Bluetooth connectivity. This means the doctors at the hospitals are better prepared for patients coming in and can better manage the workflow at the triage department.”

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