Building Better Healthcare Awards

BBH Awards 2013: Winner of the People Class

Published: 5-Nov-2013

Find out which entry took home the award in the PEOPLE CLASS

The winner of the People Class of the 2013 Building Better Healthcare Awards are

Award for Client of the Year

Winner: NHS Property Services (Hull Area) and Community Health Partnerships (Hull Citycare)

Since its inception the NHS LIFT partnership in Hull has delivered a range of projects aimed at modernising healthcare facilities, improving standards across the NHS estate, and achieving real economic benefits for the health service and for communities across Hull.

With a key role to play in Hull’s overall regeneration strategy, the ambition was to bring together expertise and funding from the public and private sectors in order to transform the health and social care estate as part of a long-term partnership.

Prior to its launch, 85% of patients were attending sub-standard premises to seek healthcare advice, backlog maintenance pressures were huge and many premises were not fit for purpose, and there were concerns about record keeping and compliance.

Now more than £100m has been invested in improvements to buildings; 70% of Hull residents can now access health and community services in welcoming, fit-for-purpose facilities; and 1,200 jobs have been created.

Among these developments completed is the Morrill Street Health Centre, where GP, Dr Kim Man Tang, said: “With the ever-increasing demand for services and the growing patient footfall, it’s timely to bring the facilities we operate from in line with these.”

The BBH Awards judges added: “This team has clear and realistic objectives that seem to have been realised through a successful partnership and community involvement approach.”

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