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BBH Awards - City of Coventry Health Centre wins Clinician's Choice Award

Published: 8-Nov-2012

Primary care and wellbeing centre praised for \'forward-thinking and flexible\' design

From more than 220 entries submitted in the 2012 competition, Dr Roy MacGregor, clinical specialist on the judging panel, has chosen the City of Coventry Health Centre as the recipient of this year’s Clinicians’ Choice Award .

The development brings together a wide range of primary health and wellbeing services previously operated from disparate Victorian buildings.

The result is a single iconic city centre hub combining modern design and state-of-the-art technology and evoking an inspirational sense of community.

It is a very flexible and forward-thinking design

Dr Paul Beaumont of the Priory Gate Practice said: “Our patients now have access to all types of services all under one roof, providing a more streamlined experience for the patient. It means patients can have an appointment with a doctor, go downstairs and have a blood test, and pick up their medication from the pharmacy on the way out of the door.”

Setting a benchmark for future joined-up services, the building was also designed to be sustainable, with innovative modular rooms allowing for future change of use; and the inclusion of environmentally-friendly windows designed to reduce solar gain and with integral blinds for enhanced infection control. The development received a BREEAM ‘excellent rating’.

Dr MacGregor said of his decision: “They have used colour on each landing space to great effect and the building is made up of very effective and flexible spaces that make it easy to adapt to future changes in practice. It is a very flexible and forward-thinking design.”

WINNER: City of Coventry Health Centre (NHS Coventry, Sonnemann Toon Architects, Galliford Try)

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