International recognition for sustainability efforts


Health organisations urged to sign up to global network

UK health trusts that have embraced the sustainability agenda are being urged to sign up to a new scheme that will throw the spotlight on international best practice.

The NHS Sustainable Development Unit (SDU) has become a founding member of the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Network (GGHH) and is urging all UK healthcare organisations to sign up.

The initiative has been designed to promote action on sustainable healthcare around the world, increasing the efforts being made to reduce the environmental footprint globally and promoting public health and long-term sustainability.

An SDU spokesman said: “Trusts that sign up will be able to share best practice and case studies internationally and will be seen as ambassadors for sustainability around the world.

“This is an opportunity to gain global credit for work done locally. The benefits will be that you will join a group of hospitals, health systems and health organisations representing the interests of more than 3,500 hospitals from six continents. You will also be able to interact with, and learn from, other organisations around the world by sharing best practices and finding solutions to shared challenges.”

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There are three membership options currently available to UK organisations. For more information, or to sign up for free, click here.