Knightsbridge offers safe fitted bedroom furniture solutions

Published: 10-Jul-2019

Knightsbridge Furniture provides a selection of fitted furniture manufactured from a variety of substrates to provide safe environments with minimal risk

Every project is built specifically to meet the clients' space requirements, design features and colours. The British contract furniture company take into account the level of security required during the initial consultation and offers the correct substrate and designs to match the environment and budget needs. All surfaces are durable, hard-wearing and easy to clean.

Options offered to provide maximum safety and minimal risk include:

  • Anti-ligature considerations
  • Anti-tamper fixings
  • Anti-pick mastics
  • Non-removable drawers
  • Wardrobes with or without doors
  • Doors with piano hinges
  • Sloping tops
  • Integrated anti-hide spaces
Knightsbridge offers safe fitted bedroom furniture solutions

Knightsbridge offers a bespoke design, manufacture and installation service to ensure that the finished result is produced to an individual specification.

As an approved NHS Supply Chain contractor specifically endorsed for Mental Health Environments (NHS Mental Health Contact Number 2012/S 38-061381) Knightsbridge Furniture delivers a complete project management service including design, scheduling and installation.

Anti ligature furniture / fitted furniture is available for almost all areas of the specified environment, including bedrooms, lounges and bathrooms.

Samples can be made available for mock-up rooms.

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