New modular theatre enables essential upgrade of Bedford operating suite

Published: 16-Apr-2018

Bedford Hospital NHS Trust deploys modular theatre to retain capacity during surgical centre revamp

Bedford Hospital NHS Trust’s surgical teams have completed their first operating lists in a new modular theatre that will enable refurbishment of the pre-existing theatre complex.

Raised above the main entrance; the new, state-of-the-art theatre makes good use of the estate, allows the undertaking of more-complex surgery than the hospital’s current mobile theatre, and enables the refurbishment of existing operating rooms without losing essential theatre capacity.

The new space is made up of three units lifted by crane onto a bespoke steel gantry built outside the main entrance, and will feature a walkway link to the current theatre complex, making it easily accessible for staff and patients.

It is comparable in size with traditional operating rooms and replicates the equipment within the trust’s main operating complex to ensure continuity and familiarity for staff and clinical team members.

Stephen Conroy, trust chief executive, said “Finding a solution to improving our theatres has posed a significant challenge and a lot of thought, planning, and hard work has gone into finding a solution so that we can better meet the 18-week referral to treatment (RTT) pathway, providing quick and effective care to our patients.

“Refurbishing our current theatre complex will allow us to make sure our current operating rooms are fit for the future, ensuring we can provide a safer, more-efficient service for our patients and a better environment for our staff to work in. The new modular theatre allows us to do this without losing any surgical activity during this period.”

The theatre has been supplied by ModuleCo Healthcare for an initial five-year period, with all associated costs being incorporated within a monthly hire rate, including a fully-inclusive maintenance package.

It is a fully HBN & HTM-compliant theatre and includes an Ultra Clean Ventilation laminar flow canopy allowing a full range of procedures to be carried out, including orthopaedic surgery.

The refurbishment works are expected to be completed by June and after this date the modular theatre will remain, providing an additional operating room that is less expensive to run and better located than the current mobile theatre.

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