Philips launches Zenition mobile C-Arm imaging platform

Solution helps hospitals maximise operating room performance and enhance clinical capabilities

Philips Zenition supports increased OR performance

Royal Philips has launched Philips Zenition, its new mobile C-arm imaging platform.

Mobile C-arms are X-ray systems that are brought into the operating room (OR) to provide live image guidance during a wide range of surgeries including orthopedic, trauma and vascular procedures.

The Zenition mobile C-arm platform brings together innovations in image capture, image processing, ease-of-use, and versatility pioneered on Philips’ Azurion platform.

It allows hospitals to maximize OR performance, enhance clinical capabilities, and offer an outstanding user experience.

The scope and complexity of surgical interventions, especially in the rapidly-growing area of image-guided minimally-invasive surgery, continues to increase, as does the number of patients requiring treatment.

And, in order to treat more patients at a lower cost; hospitals require a versatile fleet of C-arms with varying capabilities that easily adapt to the needs of different types of surgery and different operators.

Zenition C-arm systems incorporate the same image processing algorithms used on Philips' Azurion platform

Zenition mobile C-arms are easy to move between operating rooms, simple to position around the patient, and intuitive to operate.

“Nikolaos Bonaros, associate professor of cardiac surgery at the Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria, said: “Its simplified workflow means we can convert a room from a conventional OR to a high-quality interventional room more quickly. At the same time the system provides high image quality at the level required for hybrid OR procedures.”

“As patient numbers rise and procedures become more complex, equipment up time, utilisation, and usability become ever more important,” adds Ronald Tabaksblat, business leader for image guided therapy systems at Philips.

“Our new harmonised Zenition mobile C-arm platform offers the proven performance and ease of use needed for surgical teams to work with confidence and precision, now and in the future.”

Zenition’s tablet-like user interface and simple ‘Unify’ workflow mean that once an operator has learned to use one system on the platform, it is easy for them to operate them all.

The systems make point-and-shoot image capture fast and intuitive during any interventional or surgical procedure.

And Zenition’s compact design, Position Memory feature and BodySmart software, which captures fast and consistent images even at the edge of the image intensifier or flat detector, reduce the need for C-arm repositioning by 45%.

The platform brings together innovations in image capture, image processing, ease-of-use and versatility

For crisp, high-quality image viewing; Zenition C-arm systems incorporate the same image processing algorithms used on the company’s Azurion platform, offering high-definition visualisation of patient anatomies and a greater viewing area.

Image quality is assured by features such as Philips’ MetalSmart software, which automatically adjusts the contrast and brightness of images to improve image quality when metal objects such as implants are present in the field of view – a feature that makes Zenition systems especially useful in orthopaedics.

The platform is also designed for the future, allowing for longer clinical relevance of the systems.

With two different detector and image intensifier options, and the ability to subscribe to Philips’ Technology Maximizer programme; Zenition offers users the latest software and hardware technology releases for a fraction of the cost of purchasing them individually.