Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital introduces digital outpatient flow management technology

The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital in Melbourne is set to launch a suite of new digital technology to help improve the way it manages Specialist Clinic appointments

Illustration of The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital in Melbourne

The hospital, which cares for more than 220,000 patients per year, has partnered with UK based digital healthcare technology specialist, Intouch with Health, and the company’s Australian partner, Device Technologies, to implement the project which will overhaul the way the hospital manages the movement of patients during their appointments and gives staff improved access to information using new digital solutions to replace some paper-based processes.

As part of the project, staff at The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital will use a new, central digital dashboard to view the location of each Specialist Clinic patient and monitor the progress of their appointment in real-time. Intouch with Health’s Flow Manager dashboard will also allow hospital staff to access a from where they can book and manage capacity of rooms across the hospital and maximise room usage. Hospital management will also benefit from a specialist analysis solution which allows monitoring and pro-active management of the service in line with key performance indicators.

New patient facing technology at the hospital will include self-check-in kiosks to allow patients to register their arrival and digital patient calling screens in clinic waiting areas that will alert patients when their clinician is ready to see them.

New technology will also be deployed that automatically pushes alerts to patients to update them on possible delays to their appointment, as well as electronic wayfinding maps to help patients find their way around the hospital more efficiently.

Improving the way clinicians record the results of a patient’s appointment, the hospital will move away from paper-based records and introduce Intouch’s eOutcomes module to record appointment information digitally and improve data accuracy.

Commenting on the project Tracy Siggins, Acting Executive Director Operations at The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, said: “This project is about taking a holistic view of the Specialist Clinic journey at The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital and introducing digital solutions to improve the end-to-end Specialist Clinic journey for both patients and staff.

“The technology will improve the experience of patients visiting for an appointment by providing them with access to information and updates throughout their appointment, whether its through the kiosks, digital calling screens or wait time manager to let them know if things are running on time or slightly behind schedule.

Pete Beaumont, Sales Director at Intouch with Health, said: “Intouch with Health is delighted to have been chosen alongside Device Technologies to partner the world-renowned Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital on their digital transformation journey.

“We are proud to be part of the hospital redevelopment to deliver a world class experience for both patients and hospital staff alike.”

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