South Central Ambulance Service enhances NHS111 service

Published: 9-Aug-2016

Advanced’s software links emergency service and GP systems

South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SCAS) is improving its NHS111 service with Advanced’s clinical patient management system, Adastra.

The transition to Adastra will start at the end September and will follow a phased approach as staff are trained in the new system.

The technology will integrate with GP systems to provide instant access to callers’ health history, enabling them to provide tailored care in a timely manner.

Adastra guides users through the triage process and is designed to be used by call handlers and clinicians to respond to NHS111 calls received by SCAS.

With access to localised care records and the Directory of Service (DoS), staff will have access to more patient information, such as any pre-existing conditions, enabling them to direct patients to the appropriate care pathway. Appointments can also be directly booked into GP systems, providing patients with a more-integrated healthcare journey.

The Adastra solution interfaces with NHS Pathways, an NHS England-licensed assessment system that is clinically based and specifically designed for telephone assessment.

Luci Stephens, director of operations at SCAS, said: “Using Adastra will modernise our service and improve the care we deliver to our patients by providing staff with a structured and supported technology system to effectively manage our NHS 111 calls.

“Ultimately, with more integrated systems giving us access to enhanced patient information, we can deliver even-higher standards of patient care.”

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