The IPMC2 in-house patient management platform

Published: 18-Jun-2018

This is the award entry for IPMC2 in-house patient management platform, entered by Physiological Measurements in the Best Administrative System category

Physiological Measurements (PML) works in partnership with the NHS providing community non-invasive diagnostic services.

PML has developed an in-house platform (IPMC2) that effectively manages the end-to-end patient pathway.

It uniquely combines the hallmarks of a traditional Patient Administration System (booking appointments, storing results etc) with the features of a RIS/PACS system (moving ultrasound and echocardiogram images).

The system has additional capability of clinical triage, clinical operations management, asset management and tracking, staff performance, and customer quality and performance reporting.

Using a worklist approach, iPMC2 ensures that patient pathways are managed against pre-set timescales.

It can then configure these against each customer's or contract's requirements.

For example, urgent or cancer pathways will have different thresholds for contacting and seeing patients than routine pathways.

The system will automatically flag where patients are approaching the end of time thresholds and will prioritise patients on worklists dependent on their selected pathways.

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