Revolutionary software application will show why healthcare mistakes happen

Published: 15-Nov-2016

Datix Cloud IQ, a newly released SaaS based software application from Datix, will transform the way healthcare organisations learn when things go wrong by providing enhanced analysis of patient safety events

If Datix, the world’s leading provider of patient safety software, has its way, the number of people who suffer globally from preventable patient harm is going to be significantly reduced. The company has just released Datix Cloud IQ, an enhanced SaaS-based application that enables healthcare organisations to go beyond simple incident data to uncover why mistakes happen.

This will allow healthcare providers to eliminate root cause issues that lead to medical errors and truly embed change in their organisation by providing them with the means to improve institutional learning significantly, resulting in better patient outcomes, enhanced efficiency and reduced cost.

'Mistakes happen in high-risk environments,' said Oliver O’Connor, head of product management at Datix, 'but by learning from those mistakes, we ensure a safer future for both patients and staff. This is a dramatic leap forward in the ability for organisations to move to a culture where learning is key to risk mitigation, rather than seeking to lay blame.'

As well as identifying why safety incidents occur through a rigorous investigations module, Datix Cloud IQ allows recommendations to be made for improving processes and assessing the value and outcome of those improvements.

Building on Datix’s reputation for providing comprehensive incident reporting and patient safety solutions, this system provides a fresh view of managing patient safety data. It is the result of academic collaboration, research, user engagement and a continued drive for innovation.

Datix Cloud IQ provides five toolkits (Capture, Evaluate, Strategy, Implement and Assess) that take organisations through a continuous improvement process. There is also a comprehensive analytics feature, allowing organisations to look at trends as they occur and even predict where instances may arise in the future.

'Healthcare leaders and academics have acknowledged that we urgently need a more rigorous way to respond to untoward incidents and the failure to learn,' said Datix CEO Seyed Mortazavi. 'Datix Cloud IQ is a direct response to that requirement.

'At Datix, we are harnessing the latest, easy-to-use, SaaS-based technology to enable all manner of healthcare systems to investigate and analyse why things go wrong. This is a pioneering next step to reporting on incidents, and one that will enable healthcare organisations to make a very real difference to patient safety.'

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