The Defense Health Agency selects Datix for its joint patient safety reporting initiative

Published: 12-Jan-2017

Datix will support Joint Patient Safety Reporting initiative in collaboration with the Defense Health Agency and Veterans Healthcare Administration

The Defense Health Agency has selected the Datix web-based patient safety software to integrate the DHA/VHA on the same centralised Patient Safety system as part of their Joint Patient Safety Reporting (JPSR) project, Datix announced today.

This program, established under Congressional mandate, aims to integrate data from both organisations to provide more awareness and insight into healthcare safety issues that can help reduce preventable patient harm.

Datix’s solution was considered because of its ability to add transparency to patient safety activities by allowing managers to drill down into relevant data securely and in real time. The advanced reporting and powerful integration capabilities of the Datix solution are essential to promoting collaboration between DHA and VHA.

“This is a milestone for us,” said Seyed Mortazavi, Chief Executive Officer at Datix. “It is a significant win and reflects confidence in Datix patient safety software worldwide. We also have the privileged opportunity to support the next step in creating a totally integrated patient safety framework that will improve care for millions of veterans across America in generations to come. Success depends on accurate data and insightful analytics, and the VHA can rely on our skills, expertise, and proven track record of successfully completing large-scale deployments globally.”

The easy-to-use and highly customisable Datix solution has proven to result in high staff adoption rates, which will allow the VHA to accelerate its progress toward hardwiring a culture of patient safety throughout the system. The scalability of Datix will further support future growth and increasing amounts of data.

Using Datix as the foundation for the Joint Patient Safety Reporting initiative will enable the VHA to benefit from increased frequency, quality, and granularity of reports; cost efficiencies by sharing software licenses and data centres with the DoD; reduced costs of system maintenance and helpdesk workload; and better alignment with future expansion of data sharing opportunities between the DHA and VHA to determine common issues and common solutions.

The team at Datix’s new Fairfax, VA office will provide support and services relating to system integration and training for this effort.

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