The end of the Nurse Call system?

Published: 9-Nov-2017

Sometimes nurse call systems are simply referred to as a buzzer which is used by patients to call a nurse for help or assistance. It doesn’t sound like a rocket science, does it?

It’s not that long ago we used mobile phones just to make calls and send an occasional text message. Nowadays making a call is just one small function of our smartphones which have swiftly replaced the old mobile technology.

With many technological solutions in everyday use in healthcare, evolution is underway. Nurse call buzzers are not immune, but can this traditional technology meet the current needs of busy hospitals and become a sustainable technology for the future?

After 50 years in the industry, being at the forefront of development in Nurse Call solutions, we are confident that there is a better way forward. At Courtney Thorne we look at the current and future requirements within conventional and specialist hospital environments. We also understand how long it can take to plan and implement projects, and the life cycle of a typical installation.

The care technology we produce stopped being just a buzzer many years ago as we developed the first flat screen technology, similar to that used in personal computing. We have now taken a leap forward, and from our well-respected wireless nurse call system we developed something even more exciting. The Altra Health SMART wireless nurse call solution is capable of wirelessly integrating with other hospital applications, providing simple to use access to alarms and data. It provides healthcare automation helping staff to be more productive spending less time on paper-based admin tasks. Furthermore, cloud-based technology allows managers direct access to useful reports assisting them with more effective decisions no matter where or when they want them.

Altra health - wireless nurse call system

Altra health - wireless nurse call system

Does it cost more than a regular nurse call system to install and operate? Not at all. Why? Altra Health doesn’t require any costly wiring to be installed, therefore installation doesn’t interrupt usual hospital activities or patient care, which would be the case if a hard wired or IP nurse call system were chosen. It means our competitively priced system can bring savings of up to 40%.

Courtney Thorne’s Altra Health system has been designed purposely to meet HTM 08-03 guidelines. The system has the capability of integrating different devices used throughout a hospital into one advanced system to simplify functions in hospitals, make significant savings and integrate future technology.

This is the reason why we are proud to be known as the UK leaders in nurse call technology, not just for the last 50 years, but also the next.

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