Wireless flexibility aids nurse call upgrade

Published: 13-Apr-2017

Courtney-Thorne’s C-T 08 system installed at the Great Western Hospital

The benefits of a modern wireless system are highlighted by an installation for the Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

The trust is using Courtney-Thorne’s C-T 08 system at the Great Western Hospital and seven other community health facilities, with nurses heavily involved in its specification.

The system includes call logging and prioritisation modules, all accessible on a touchscreen at the nursing station.

It is also flexible and fully re-programmable, adapting to the trust’s changing requirements and helping with staff and resource planning through accurate, real-time data capture and reporting.

It was rolled out over a period of several months to address the nurse call requirements of each area of the estate.

Peter Scott, head of projects at the trust, said: “The ultimate aim is to homogenise our nurse call systems across our hospitals, but we have designed the move to wireless very much as an asset replacement upgrade delivered on an as-needed basis rather than a complete all-in-one-go switch.

“The flexibility of Courtney-Thorne’s wireless system facilitates this approach, helping us to manage our capital expenditure while futureproofing any investment because the system can be reprogrammed so easily if we reconfigure a ward or department, with no ‘dirty works’ to wiring.”

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