Vernacare selected by largest consortium of NHS trusts in North West

Published: 24-Nov-2015

Disposable urinals, bedpans, wash bowls and macerators to be installed at 12 trusts

Vernacare has been selected to supply its moulded fibre bedpans, urinals, and other single-use patient toileting and washing products to the largest consortium of NHS trusts in North West England.

Vernacare was selected following a three-way tendering process led by Warrington and Halton NHS Foundation Trust, on behalf of 12 trusts.

Richard Benford-Miller, assistant contract manager at the trust, who managed the tender, said: "This was based on key criteria of quality and financial benefits of the products, with Vernacare scoring highest on both counts.

“It is also a Lancashire-based manufacturing business, so it's good to support the regional economy and reduce our travel miles by working with a local supplier.

"The NHS needs to work harder to achieve best value and the 12 trusts in our purchasing network are assured that they will get excellent service and quality. This smart buying approach really works and helps to achieve ever higher standards of patient care."

The Vernacare System of hygienic toileting and washing for immobile patients was invented by the company in Bolton, Lancashire, more than 50 years ago.

Its disposable urinals, bedpans, wash bowls and other hygienic containers are made from renewable natural fibre. The used containers disintegrate when placed in Vernacare’s environmentally-friendly Vortex disposal machines, which break down the waste into miniscule particles that flow freely through the drains.

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