Aquilant Endoscopy launches ultra-slim colonoscope

Published: 12-Sep-2014

Aquilant Endoscopy adds ultra-slim EC580-RD colonoscope to its growing portfolio of advanced endoscopic technology

A new high-performance colonoscope - EC580-RD Smart Bend Colonoscope - is now available in the UK, exclusively through UK distributor Aquilant Endoscopy, which as a result of its advanced bending capability provides vivid image clarity for the detection of lesions and polyps in the digestive tract.

The new Fujifilm 580 series of slim colonoscopes, which are available in medium and long lengths, boasts a superior 210° range of movement and high-performance optical system, offering greater capabilities for more-precise observation and treatment. Colonoscopists can retroflex the scope to visualise behind colonic folds that are usually difficult to approach and thereby conduct a wide range of procedures more efficiently, including screening, diagnosis and treatment such as EMR and ESD.

Recent data has shown that a considerable number of colorectal lesions are missed during standard endoscopy and that the effectiveness of colonoscopy is limited in the prevention of proximal (ie right-sided) colorectal cancer, as standard endoscopes can generally visualise the distal parts of the colonic folds. One study reported an adenoma miss rate of 27%, thereby highlighting the need for improvements in colonoscopic technology.

Fujifilm's latest generation of ultra-slim colonoscopes utilise ColoAssist II technology, which provides a soft insertion tube for a more comfortable patient experience and better insertion characteristics, particularly for paediatrics or patients suffering inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). In addition, these endoscopes are equipped with a new water jet function, which helps with better observation and therapeutic procedure.

Andrew Dawe, general manager of Aquilant Endoscopy, said: "The slim diameter and increased degree of rotation gives clinicians the ability to see further and with much greater clarity and precision, which we hope will assist in the detection of cancer and continue to improve patient outcomes.

“This latest technology from Fujifilm will be particularly invaluable as the demand for procedures increases - boosted in great measure by the NHS's bowel cancer screening programme."

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