Aquilant launches smarter endoscopy solution

Published: 30-Sep-2016

OMOM2 capsule provides images of gastro-intestinal tract, increasing diagnostic accuracy

Aquilant Endoscopy has launched the OMOM2 capsule, a light and compact system packed with essential features designed to increase diagnostic accuracy and patient comfort.

The new OMOM2 capsule is smarter than ever before.

Light and compact, it harbours an image sensor with an enduring 10-hour battery life.

Its LED light system ensures an even light distribution and optimal illumination, and the robust belt antenna system fits the human contours comfortably and saves preparation time.

Additionally, the system is simple to use, helping to efficiently streamline the work flow of busy endoscopy units while at the same time providing the clinician with accurate diagnostic feedback.

Matt Aronow, marketing manager for Aquilant Endoscopy, said: “It’s exciting to be launching innovative new products like the OMOM2 capsule.

“Aquilant prides itself on being the partner of choice for both clinicians looking for innovative solutions, and businesses looking to introduce new endoscopic devices to the UK market.

“With the OMOM capsule, we are introducing a product that assists clinicians in their requirement for diagnostic accuracy and efficiency, as well as improving patient comfort.”

The technology enables patients to swallow a small capsule containing a tiny camera, which takes approximately 50,000 images of their gastro-intestinal tract during an average test.

With features including Auto-Pairing and Real-Time View enabling the clinical team to confirm the capsule’s location at any point in time, the OMOM2 capsule is at the forefront of clinical innovation.

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