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Published: 29-Mar-2017

Wandsworth Healthcare seeks to develop partnerships with all stakeholders in healthcare projects

By creating good working relationships Wandsworth Healthcare aim to provide other healthcare institutions with the most cost effective, technology advanced solutions that will help deliver the best patient experiences.

As part of a focus on developing partnerships, the company value the importance of being reliable and a trustworthy source of advice and help. To help all stakeholders, Wandsworth Healthcare have developed BIM files for their healthcare solutions to enable architects, contractors and consulting engineers the ability to meet government standards and develop effective project solutions for clients.

BIM stands for Building Information Modelling and is the process of generating and maintaining digital files that represent assets.

It provides a 3d visualisation of products.  The UK government mandated that all centrally funded work should be undertaken using BIM by 2016.

The benefits of using BIM include multiple trades working on 1 model allowing easy clash detection for architects and engineers; ability to visualise the layout during the design stage; allowing all stakeholders, including senior clinical staff, to view layouts and make suggested amendments prior to build. All of these benefits ensure savings in both time and money.

Within the company’s technical resources section, Wandsworth Healthcare have developed BIM models in Revit format for their healthcare solutions including nurse call panels for the IP nurse call systems. These models include important information such as Uniclass2015 codes, dimensions, model numbers and descriptions, each product is available with a corresponding datasheet.

The company have a team of in-house experts, so if a particular BIM file for a product is not available, anyone can contact the business directly.

Access the Technical Resources Section here.

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