Innovative healthcare solutions for newest UK hospital

Published: 23-Aug-2017

The Wandsworth Healthcare full IP Nurse Call system (IPiN) has been installed throughout the new £105 million hospital

Opening on the 20 June, Omagh Hospital, in County Tyrone is the newest hospital in the UK. The £105m hospital will service thousands of patients from the Omagh area and replaces the 118 year-old Tyrone County Hospital.

By installing a full IP Nurse Call System the hospital has been able to utilise many features that a full IP systems delivers. These include VoIP speech and combined with the Wandsworth Healthcare's new ergonomically designed nurse call handsets, patients and nurses are able to have crystal clear two way conversations.

This enables nurses to understand patients’ needs quicker, as they no longer have to leave the nurse station to speak to the patients, this also limits the number of unnecessary journeys a nurse has to make. The patient request is also dealt with quicker improving the care experience for them.

The nurse call handset not only provides speech capability but also entertainment control. Using an infra-red interface, a patient can control the TV, changing channels and adjust the volume. Again the patient experience is improved, as the handset simplifies their ability to control and communicate.

Additionally, the IPiN Nurse Call system interfaces with a 3rd party staff attack system whilst a site server enables the estates staff to monitor the nurse call system for faults and be able to diagnose all from a single location.

Using years of experience and drive to produce innovative healthcare solutions, Wandsworth Healthcare's team of hardware and software experts developed a new solution for the hospital, Blue Route. Blue Route is a solution that has been designed for the crash team to easily locate and move the required crash cart to the location of the emergency.

The Blue Route solution indicates the quickest route to the emergency with blue lights in the ceiling showing the way, unlocking any doors that may be locked on route, calling a lift if required and lighting any additional lamps on the route. Enabling the Crash Team to reach and administer emergency treatment quicker.

Find out more on our innovative healthcare solutions by downloading our Product Catalogue or request a demonstration from one of our experienced Consultants.

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